3 Great Exercises You Aren't Doing
April 3, 2018
We all know and love the classic exercises we’ve been practicing forever, but sometimes you need to dig deeper and go outside the box to unearth a whole new array of possibilities. Here are 3 great exercises you should, but probably aren’t practicing daily.

1 – Inverted Singles
Starting with the basics. Inverted singles are as simple as it gets, but I can’t stress enough how important they are to help develop your hand technique, allowing you to perform more freely. There’s no secret, it’s simply single strokes starting with the left hand (or the right hand if you’re a lefty).

2 – Paradiddle Displacement
Still sticking to the basics, a great way to improve your technique and add flavor to it is by practicing paradiddle displacements. This is slightly more complex than inverted singles, but nothing to worry about. The idea is to move the paradiddle to the right by one note at a time. For example, in the original paradiddle, the accents fall on the first note of each group. If you move the entire paradiddle just one note to the right, now the accents fall on the second note of each group. In this manner, you’ll be able to displace a paradiddle 3 times before it goes full circle and the accents are back to where they started.

3 – Substitute Accents for Kicks
This is one of the most underestimated exercises out there, not because it’s ineffective, but because it requires a lot of practice to make it sound musical. The good news is that when it does, it sounds amazing and very unique. So, pick a simple hand accent exercise, and simply substitute the accents for kicks, that’s it. You can keep the non-accented notes as ghost notes, or change the dynamics once you figure the pattern out. These combinations will result in some very interesting linear licks, which you can use on songs or solos. This exercise is also great for developing independence and working on your timing.

There you go, 3 great exercises you probably haven’t been practicing. Keep in mind that those are just the beginning, you can add your own twist to everything and open up a whole new range of possibilities. It goes to show that even the simplest of exercises can hide a universe of possibilities, all you need to do is explore and find different ways of doing the same thing.
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