Weak Foot? Fix It in Minutes
December 5, 2017
You know what this is about: You start a song hitting the kick hard, every note is full and pronounced, people in front of your kit can feel it in their chests. Then a section comes along where you have to play a barrage of notes in quick succession, and all of a sudden, all the power you had is gone, and you go through the section barely tapping the drumhead, making your drums sound weak and lifeless. We’ve all been through it, but don’t worry, there’s a simple solution.

The trick is to change the “aim”. See, we naturally tend to aim for the pedal right before hitting a kick note, the problem is that when you pull your foot back up to hit the next note, the pedal remains in contact with the bottom of your foot. This means that when you hit the second note, all your foot does is push the pedal downwards, the explosive force that the first hit had is now gone, and it will only come back when there’s a break and you can bring your foot all the way back up and away from the pedal.

Practice this: Play any pattern you are comfortable with, but “aim” for the floor underneath the pedal, not the pedal itself. Basically, pretend that the pedal is just an obstacle in the way between your foot and the floor. You will notice an instantaneous change in the quality of your kick notes, they will become more solid and consistent. By aiming “beyond” the pedal, you will automatically apply more force to the hits.

Wrong VS Right

Think about it this way: You’re about to lift a big box, you assume it’s heavy, so you put enough force to lift a really heavy box, but in reality, the box is super light and you end up sending it flying in the air. This trick works in a similar way. By overshooting the pedal, you end up applying a lot more force than you normally would, resulting in much stronger hits, and a much more consistent sound. Practice this mental exercise every time you play the drums, it will eventually become second nature, your kicks will sound like thunder, and your neighbors will love you even more.
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