My name is Acacio Carvalho, I've been playing music since I was nine years old, and for most of my life I have been wanting to live in a world where I'm not allergic to cats, and chocolate doesn't make you fat. I quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen, so I put all my energy towards making music.

As a drummer, I've had the opportunity to perform with many people over the years, from metal bands to country singers. All of those experiences added an invaluable weight to my musical formation, giving me a whole different perspective on the music industry, something that greatly enhanced the more traditional education that I've received over the years.

Now I use this website to share some of what I've learned on the road, on stage, and in studios, through articles, lessons, basically whatever means necessary. The idea is to provide a space where you can get inspired, motivated, or simply entertained.
I was born in Brazil and naturalized in the United States. I'm a citizen of both countries.
I'm really into aviation. Growing up, I would go to the Air Force base in my hometown and spend hours watching fighter jets come and go. To this day I'm hugely fascinated by it.
Fitness is one of my favotire hobbies. I really appreciate the discipline it requires. So not only do I bang things, but I also lift them up and put them down.
Chocolate is my kryptonite.